Desk Dev Docs – Ep. 008: One Month!

I apologize as this particular episode is pretty-much all over the place, but after reviewing it myself I suppose this is most simply a retrospective on the first month since launching the product publicly on the Mac App Store.

If you’re curious (and a first time visitor) I try to do a weekly vlog of my journey – you can find the previous ones via this “Community” category or view the Playlist on Youtube.

In Episode #8 I cover some of the following topics:

  1. ThanksgivingI am so thankful for all that I have and I challenge the community and my viewers to take a moment to consider all the good that they have.
  2. Sales – As incredible as it is, I have actually surpassed my goal of 1,000 sales already! My original goal was to sell 1k by the end of 2014 but it seems we’ve been able to do that in one single month! Whoot! I now have to reconfigure my goals a bit…
  3. Profitable – This means that I’m definitely profitable when it comes to my marketing spend so far. I’ll need to continue to spend money every month (every week) to keep things going but it’s exciting to think that I’ve made a few bucks. Of course, I still have a long way to go to get to my “break-even” point of 10,000 copies sold.
  4.  Marketing – Opportunity is everywhere and oftentimes we have some really strong biases that keep us from trying and experimenting in the right ways. I’m learning this in real-time actually with this app (and it’s working!).
  5. New Community Site – Check it out: using Discourse app spun up on a DigitalOcean. We’ve moved away from Uservoice which was a great place for us to start but it just didn’t make sense for where I am currently.
  6. 10 Days to a Better BlogCome join us!

I think that’s it. Sorry the sound and video quality wasn’t that great on this episode… I probably need to invest a little on getting some better equipment.

To be honest, I simply use the native Quicktime application on my 11″ MacBook Air and that’s about it. Zero post-processing. Nada, zilch.

Have a great weekend folks!