Dearest Brother in Christ


Dearest Brother in Christ~

We stare out across the distant dream-scape of life and in desperation attempt to see the unthinkable and barely concievable, less achievable, goal.  With man-made tools we attempt to reach that destination with human sweat and tire ourselves needlessly thru physical exertion and toil.  We would spill our own blood if only to reach it!  And crawl the distance if only to take a glimpse of eternity!  Some of us are at critical mass, nearly at the end of our emotional stability and on the verge of insanity.  Hardship, temptation, struggle, pain, suffering, loss, despair… The void of darkness swallows us like our shadows, and never seems to leave our side.  Equipped with humankinds’ own flaccid and provincial weaponry, unsatisfiable attempts and means by which we attempt to reach the obvious aim, we struggle needlessly, and are instead caught up in the unprofitable ‘waiting game’, of self-masochism, doubt, and of course, self-destruction.  Time, the inevitable master of the human course of action, left standing alone, ticking and tocking its way toward unknown infinity.  One is paralyzed by fear and stares at his mark with anxiety and quiet distress.  With nothing to stand on, he is solitary; derelict.  He can’t move forward, nor can he retreat.  Companionless… and with the sun in his eyes and the heat bearing down upon his skin, death seems like the ineluctable and almost practical end, if not simply the next step. 

God, oh God.  Where art Thou?  It is You that the lost seek.  It is You that is the Eternal Goal.  Would it not be so much to ask for a mere taste for those that are hungry and would it not be so much to ask for a drink for those that are thirsty?  Those that do not know You Lord.  Those that cannot, in the darkest of times, see Your Glory and Light?  Those that see the end, but, for them, it is not the Future Glory that You have promised all those that have accepted Your Call and that have been chosen before the beginning of time.  It is something different.  It is simply nothing.  Trapped are they, trapped are we, in a constant and perpetual spiral of inexplicable circumstances and experiences and where, oh where, Lord, is their answer?  Those that have died for You Father.  Those that have yet to die with You Father and destroy the lasting impression of earth upon their terra firma forms and minds and hearts.  Oh, my Father.  If only we that could see could in turn help those that are blind.  Those that are struggling!  Teach me, oh Father, how to build Your Kingdom on a mustard seed within my heart.  Teach me to move mountains by relying on Faith alone.  Teach me, my God, to Love unconditionally like Your Son did and to die, oh wretched and wonderful death, the conclusive and ultimate sacrifice and symbol, token, and emblem of eternal and everlasting finality!  Teach me to take the small steps which span lengthy oceans in Your Name and crown the wicked with Righteousness thru Your Namesake!  Learn me Lord.  God, my God.  Teach me to bear burdens like a heart of sinner made perfect, and to where the badge of suffering and disgrace with pride and honor.  Paul says in Romans, oh God, that sufferings produces perserverance, perserverance; character, character; hope.  God, my God!  Hope!  It is by hope that we continue on!  Help those Father!  Those that stare at the distant goal and seek paths to it.  Those that are too tired to make a motion and find complacency to be more of a comfort than Your infinite and abounding Love.  Hope, Father, in the future that You hold so dear to Your Heart and have promised us to be Glorious and Wonderful.  There is an answer Father, to everything.  For it is You.


And, thus, we strike out!  With Hope as our shield and You as our Guide.  It takes Faith, action, and we are guaranteed response, because You, oh God, Love us.  We know not where the path will lead us, where our lives will land, whether we will escape hardship, pain, or loss.  We know not whether our attempts are even good enough, but, oh, God!  For it is truly awesome that we need not works to please and to see You!  Faith!  Faith alone!  We land in Your Great Hands.  And, in confort binding, rest in peace.  We most nearly catch a glimpse of You at times.  Help us to see You more clearly.  Open our minds and our hearts Father.  Those that seek You, enlighten them to Your Great Mercy and Grace.  Those that have lost their way, find them Lord!  Those that face the enemy at every gate, protect them, and those that in triumph and power go forth into the battlefield for and in Your Name, bear upon them the crescent of Righteousness that cuts flesh and bone alike with Words of gravity and Love!  The sun shines brightly as it did upon the burnt flesh of man, but, this time, it shines the path upon which we stand, and we see the end, if brief, and we delight in it Lord.  For it is You.

Now and always, my God.  For Your Love is better than Life.


{p} 9.27.03