December 24

Well, I never got back to the above entry, but, whatever.  Right now, it is Christmas Eve…!  Actually, its 12:15 in the morning, so, yeah.  Im chiling in the Marriot I guess, and uh, yeah, just had a shower after working out a little and then dancing in the ballroom in this hotel.  Petakun is truly better than me in dancing.  That, I’ve come to respect and love.  As long as he stays healthy and well and doesn’t hurt his body, more power to him and his endeavors.  I truly am excited about how the Lord will work thru him and his life.  Right now, he’s just chilling on the other bed, watching some tv.  He just got off the phone with his boo, April, and he truly expressed him feelings of loneliness.  He really missed her.  That was kinda interesting to see.  I mad a comment about how silly he sounded, and he shrugged it off.  So pathetic… :)  haha.  Just kidding.  It’s cool.  I hope he’s just in that relationship for the right reason.  May You bless it Lord, and have whatever plan You have for that relationship be something good.  I know that regardless of the outcome of the relationship, You had it planned from the beginning for my brother and April to meet.  May they stay safe and responsible and seek You more because of it.  That should be their true goal.  We’ll see where it goes.  I’m not worried about it.  Well, I am, a little.  What am I talking about…  I talked with Miso tonight.  She is going to Chicago it seems.  Neat.  I hope she has a great time.  I talked with Brandi and she was busy just babysitting some cousins.  She sounded truly happy and alive.  That was really neat.  Just hearing her voice and hearing her laugh and be full of happiness.  Such a great personality.  God, she’s so cool.  Just joking with her and talking seriously about stuff with her, I can seem to do all of them with her.  What a special friendship we have.  May You bless it Lord and continue to build it and have it be god-worthy and righteous in Your eyes.  Thank you so much.  I practiced a little guitar while I was on the phone with her and sang her “Famous One” for her.  Haha.  That was cool.  I sung a song for someone while playing the guitar.  Another first in my life.  :)  Hm…. Well, we had a good last drive to go see Aunt Beth and Uncle Roger.  We docked in the hotel, got in, unpacked sort of and as we were coming down the elevator, there they were, to great us.  They had picked up petakun from the airport for us and it was really good to see them all.  The one that had changed the most was Johnny.  He had grown so much and one could tell his voice was changing.  He was getting tall yo!  Cool, cool.  Beth had curled her hair.  Roger looked a little older, but, the two girls didn’t look that different, Sarah and Martha.  It was good to see them.  We headed out to get something to eat with them and that was good.  I was sort of just chilling the entire time.  I was really trying to stay focused Lord, and I may have come off as a little rigid and cold, but, Lord, I… Man, I dunno what I was doing.  I really just wanted to talk about You Lord.  Is that so bad?  Sometimes, that’s all I wanna do, is talk about You, and just learn where others are with You Lord.  It seems like the kids are doing well.  It seems like Sarah has a boyfriend now.  I hope and pray that the reasons are greater than that of just purely physical attraction.  She’s only a Sophomore in High School… I wonder how mature she is, truly.  I’d love to speak to each of them individually and just see where they are and see if I could encourage them to seek You more Lord.  You’ll present the opportunity for me Lord, and if none show up, then, it is the wrong time Lord, and I will understand.  It’s Your plan, not mine.  Your plan.  But, petakun was loud and obnoxious, and sometimes, that gets on my nerves.  I should be more tolerant and patient with him.  Lord, I can be.  I was listening to Shane Bernard and one of his songs and one thing he says is how You are ‘slow to anger.’  Yes. And, I should be the same.  Why should I get upset about such small things?  I shouldn’t overreact and get all in a bad mood just because something happens.  If You forgive us and do not anger easily, why should I?  Let me be level-headed Lord and in control of my emotions.  May I not be so volatile sometimes.  May I have a good sense of balance and be able to speak Your word without my emotions screwing it up or blinding me.  May I speak truth and nothing less.  Lord, that is my prayer.  I know that You hear me.  Grant me truth and wisdom.  I desire it.  I desire it to be of You and nothing else.  Nothing earthly or of personal desire.  Just of You.  That is all.  Jessica visited Annapolis and liked it, sort of.  I’m really convinced that she doesn’t have any true idea about what she wants to do.  She really likes enforcing law and being organized, which, the army or navy could provide.  She would really fit in.  She is also interested in medicine as well.  We’ll see what she decides.  I was sitting there watching this little video about the programs at Annapolis and what not, like any college video advertising themselves.  It was really neat to see.  I was inspired and felt for a brief instant that I wanted to go see more colleges and see if I wanted to transfer to anywhere else.  But, I’m not really feeling called to move anywhere else.  The main reason would because of the awesome body of Christ I have at Tech and KCPC.  That would be the main reason for staying in ATL.  Not even school related.  Man, petakun is admiring his body right now.  So vain.  Stop.  Get over it foo.  Yes, God has granted You a very good vehicle, just make sure you use it for the glory of God and not anything else’s glory, including your own…  Anyway, I was walking around the visitor center and was looking at alot of photo’s about the institutes sports teams.  I saw some really inspiring pictures of athletes in action.  It really made me desire that competition that I used to have for soccer and such.  Such healthy ways of using the body.  Man, I haven’t really had that competitive spirit in me for awhile.  I really need to get back to it or I think I will explode… or die from lack of it… Hm… where…  OH well.  I’ll have to find something…  Man.  let’s see.  Tomorrow.. Going to see some train layout… Again.  Possibly for the last time in a while, so, why not.  I used to be so interested in that, and, frankly, I still am, but, eh… whatever.  Then, go see the second “Lord of the Rings” movie.  I”m psyched about that.  It should be great.  Hm… Eh, I’m tired Lord.  I can’t really think of anything else… Oh, I was driving, and I saw some of the light pass thru the clouds and create this awesome rainbow of color on the horizon.  Just wanted to thank You for that.  It was simply beautiful.  It was You, in color.  Simply beautiful.  You are beautiful Lord, and everything You’ve created.  Simply amazing and awesome to see.  So, thanks for that.  It was crazy beautiful.  Alright, I’m gonna pass out.  It’s about 1:30 now.  Gotta get some sleep.  Night Lord.