Don’t Make Decisions When Sick

My father has given me some great advice recently which is simply this:

Don’t make significant decisions when you’re sick.

The reasoning behind this principle is fairly self-evident (but not enough for me to have thought of it on my own!).

Simply-put, I’m not in the right mind nor physical and emotional state to make serious and significant decisions.

Now, there is, of course, a range of illness if you want to qualify this principle more deeply but I think that would be a relatively useless exercise. The point is still very clear – give important decisions a healthy day in court rather than try to force conclusions that while you’re less than optimal.

The last few weeks for me have been a test of this principle as I’m recovering from some illness that has left me greatly fatigued and put out. Doing work for a startup from your bed isn’t exactly the best scenario but that sometimes is how it has to be.

But some of the larger challenges looming over my head require much more headspace and a much clearer line of emotional and physical sight. This is really not the time to make critical (life) decisions, even if I really want to (and think I have time to).

I shall, instead, wait until I’m at a better spot. Is this patience? Ugh.