Delete Google Plus

I’ve been on a really good “cleanse” recently, moving a ton of distraction from my life and even dropping entirely such services as Twitter.

The results have been great and the free space that I’ve had psychologically is too good not to repeat. I mean, if you find a great habit to kick then why not rinse and repeat?

There are two services that I still have large and “active” accounts with that definitely have a count-down clock, the first is Google+ and the second is LinkedIn.

I do not actively engage in those services other than dropping links to blog posts. I don’t have a “community” there and the value, as far as I can tell, is superficial.


With Google+ I’ve got > 4,200 friends in 3 circles…. wait… no… I have 7,000+ followers…?

Google+ Followers…?

I’m so confused. Wah…

I ‘m not entirely sure how I acquired these friends nor do I know who they even are. I recently helped my dad delete his Google+ profile and walking him through the process reminded me how easily I could do this without losing any amount of sleep.

Also, he and I do not know how he even got a Google+ profile… I think many people think that this profile is the same thing as you Google Account and it’s actually not – it’s just a social networking identity attached to a mediocre social network. Unsure? Check this:

Deleting your Google+ profile will not affect certain other Google products, like Search, Gmail, and your Google Account.


So, with that, I’ll be deleting the Google+ profile – there may be one or two posts that I wrote directly on that service that doesn’t sit anywhere else, so, I just want to copy and paste that over but only if it doesn’t take me too long to find it.


Goodbye Google+… now, and forever