#deletefacebook? Really? What took everyone so damn long?

I left Facebook functionally almost 6 years ago. Crazy to think that it’s been that long.

And, the only reason I still have an account is because I freakin’ need one so that I can have access to their API for some of the work that I’ve done in the past.

But even now… I wonder… did I really need Facebook for those previous projects? And right now… for the projects that I’m working on… is Facebook an absolute requirement for the project’s success?

I’m beginning to believe that having a Facebook Page is “optional” at this point in time. I’m not entirely sure that many of the new companies and startups today fundamentally¬†need Facebook to succeed or win.

Maybe we should consider it a challenge not to use Facebook at all and see if our products really can stand on their own two legs.

Wouldn’t that be neat.

[Oh, and by the way… getting rid of Facebook makes you more happy… but you knew that already, right?]