My Dell Contest Entry to America’s Favorite Small Business!

[tentblogger-youtube ATnQdax6ow4]

To be honest I’m not the type of guy to enter into contests or stuff like this. Why? Because I seriously never win. But, when I first saw the advertisement for it and what you could potentially win I told myself to go for it.

So, I stood in front of my super-ghetto camera setup (check it out here) and took a few videos. I then asked one of my good friends to give it some serious video-editing-love and above is what he came up with.

I thought it was awesome! And to honor his great work and the possibility of seriously making my home office amazing (with a large influx of capital, courtesy of Dell, Microsoft, and MasterCard) I’d love for you to help me get to the voting round of this contest!

Heck, why not?

What is Dell’s America’s Favorite Small Business Contest all about?

Perhaps it’s best to just watch the clip:

[tentblogger-youtube E6i0skt0KmA]

Pretty simple, right? Sweet!

How You Can Help Me Help You…

Today is the final day of entries and I submitted my entry late last night hoping that they’d allow entrance into the contest. I woke up this morning to see it on the main contest page!

Whoohoo! Sweet!

Round 1 will be over tonight and Round 2 (between September 12-18) is when judges at Dell, Microsoft, and MasterCard choose the Top 10 to go onto the third round of public voting.

I need your help to make it into the top 10. How? I’m not completely sure actually since they completely control Round 2… but by watching the video, adding a comment on the video’s YouTube page telling them to pick me might help.

Or, it might not.

But, whatever! I had a great time making the video and who knows, this community could get some free publicity while we’re at it! Sure, it’s a super-duper-long-shot… but hey, I tried!

And with that I say… Cheers! Here’s to trying the impossible! Thanks so much and let me know your thoughts!

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