Depression and Anxiety are Teammates

Yesterday I shared a post on what depression feels like and it got a lot of attention. Here’s another one and a perspective that I think is important:












via The Awkward Yeti

I shared today with some people that I’ve never met before that, among other things, I’m a suicide survivor and that I struggle with things like depression, anxiety, and a host of other challenges.

This is never easy and I always leave feeling like I may have shared too much since I never know how people may react to such information, even in contexts that I would hope are safe.

I know this because I’ve had people close to me who do not fully understand nor believe that these challenges are real. They are stigmas to be ignored or to downplay, things of illusion and fantasy.

The reality, of course, is that they are as real as the air you and I breathe.

Did I lose ground today by sharing what is real, by sharing the honest truth around things that I struggle with with people who could judge me at the tip of a hat? Who’s to know? And was it worth it? I’ll probably never know.

But I’m not sure that’s the point anymore and I’m learning that it’s not as important as simply telling the truth, telling others how it is, and letting grace fill the gap.