Better Product Design (by Intentionally Growing Slow)

One of the best parts of the super-early stage season of community & business-building is the fact that you can be clinical with your product design process.

In other words, it’s vastly easier to identify issues (and fix them!) when you have just a few amount of community members & customers compared to hundreds (or thousands)!

This also helps with your actual engineering and development lifecycle because you end up building only what you need and what your community members want instead of fictitious features that you want as a founder (which is really hard to self-regulate)!

For example, for our platform YEN, this area near the top of our communication platform is getting kind of cramped:

We’re growing!

As we continue to add to our community & business-building community, it seems like we’re running out of visual real-estate on our small platform and mvp!

Again, a very fun problem to have and I’m very grateful to be identifying these issues now! By building intentionally slow it gives us a chance to catch all of the small design issues that crop up as your platform get crushed under the weight of new community members and customers.

“Gets crushed” is a bit extreme, but, you get the point! The fact is that I can identify all of the problem areas as they arise and it’s much more manageable a process when only 1-2 new customers are joining a week!

Eventually, most of these design “kinks” will be worked out and as things get more stable and as we automate the workflows, we’ll be much more prepared to grow faster and have less work to do on the design-side of things.

Focused product design & development is hard to get right, but, thankfully when you’re small, this forcing-function helps provide an opportunity to get the UI and UX right.

Let’s get it done right!

[Originally posted on May 6.]