A Small Design Sneak Peek

I’ve been working very quietly at nights and on the weekends putting together a first-pass of what I want the design to look like.


Like many of my previous indie projects (a’la Desk) the design will be simple and very intuitive… not affording much and with very little wiggle room for actual “design-ish” stuff.

Outside of some of the native views and designs from OS X Yosemite I can only see a few things here and there that might add a bit of flavor. I put this together really terribly in the last week (while I was on vacation) and really hate my first pass, but, I thought I’d share some of it with you (because that’s what a “Social Changelog” is for, right?).

The biggest question I’m having to answer right now (and it’s not that big, so don’t hold your breath…) is whether to do a “flat design” or have some depth (or 3D… for lack of better term).

The effect is very, very subtle and at the end of the day it might not matter, but, I deeply care about these types of things, especially since I’ll have to use it every single day…

Take a look:


You can see ⬆⬆⬆ above the “flat” design and below ⬇⬇⬇ the one with a bit of depth (or 3D):


Sure, it’s subtle, but, I think it’s important.

Now, to you… thoughts? Let me know your vote!