New Designs, Newsletters, New…

There are a ton of things that happen in any given week in the world of an early-stage startup — if I wrote about everything that was happening I’d never get any actual work done!

I know it’s hard to #buildintheopen but I can’t forget that it is only through discipline that the results become possible.

For starters, @makr has shared a few posts here and here, the former has a look at our team panel while the latter shares a tool that we’ve been test-driving for visual user stories:

Here’s another look at another view that we’re creating for “All Members” of a community:

We imagine the ability to sort and filter these results at some point but we’ll have to see how much work that will take, especially in terms of our mvp; we want to deliver something sooner rather than later (and we can always build out these things in the future).

Finally, we’re test-driving a new email newsletter this week (soft-launching it early-next), designed and curated specifically for community builders. If you’re interested in getting a sneak-peek, email me.

[Post originally published on Indie Hackers.]