Desired Fellowship


Project: XANGA

Ahhhh.  To tell of the greatness of the Christian Community…  Could there be any possible disadvantages…? … nope.  I think we can look all the way back to Jesus.  Think.  Did Jesus, God in Man, really need 12 fellow mortals, the disciples, to walk around with Him? … He definitely didn’t need them because He was too weak or anything earthly of that nature…  But, the great thing is that He desired them.  He desired fellowship and friendship, and best of all, a family.  He wanted those twelve, even Judas Iscariot.  Much can be learned from Jesus, not only as ‘teacher’, not only as ‘Savior’, not only as the ‘forgiver’, but also as ‘brother’.  Think twice before throwing invaluable friendships, brotherhoods and sisterhoods, by the wayside, and think not twice on the importance, nay, the utter precious and priceless blessing of fellow Christians, who are fighting the battle with you.  Would a soldier on the battlefield ever leave a brother behind?  Would he not go out of his way to support and defend his fellow brother-in-arms?  Why in the world, then, should we turn a cold shoulder or turn an uncaring eye to those which are in our very own family?  Not only will they look after you, help you, support you, and love you, but… heck, life’s a bit more fun and enjoyable when you’ve got brothers that love you according to Christ’s Love.  A no brainer I would think…  People often times suggest they need no one, they are the forever ‘loner’ and need no community.  …  Man, I have said that a thousand times over.  I look again to Christ when I feel so selfish and prideful.  If Christ, the Son of God, wanted and desired friends and brothers, not because He necesarilly needed them (He was God after all), but because He loved them and desired their company and fellowship, then who the ‘watch yo mouth’ do I think I am…?!  Eh…  Yeah.  John, I told you so.

So, I had the incredible blessing to meet these three guys and share accountability, fellowship, and brotherhood as we traveled thru no man’s land in Satan’s playground over in Sarajevo, Bosnia.  Man, we had so much fun being children of God and men of Christ.  Who ever said being a Christian was boring…?!  Josh, Jimmy, and Nathan, keep fighting the battle which we are destined to win.  Godspeed my brothers.  May you always be prepared to defend the hope that is within you, as Apostle Peter always says…

I miss you guys.  My fellow brothers are scattered amongst the nations…  France, the US, Japan, Eastern Europe, Soviet, Africa, man… everywhere.  Can’t wait to see all you boyz back up in ATL fo sho.

Represent the J-rock always.

Petakun, where you at?  Flare time babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

{p} 7.25.03