Desk 3: Version Issue?

A few of you have pinged me to tell me about an apparent versioning issue after downloading Desk 3. The short story is that there is not a problem, technically, but there is a challenge communication-wise.

So, here’s the thing:

Since Desk 3 is a new, independent app, it’s technically a version 1.0 of this new / distinct product. That’s why it says “Version 1.0”.

But this obviously a bit confusing since it’s the 3rd iteration of essentially the same product in the history of the app, which is why I called it Desk 3.

So, we have a communication problem of how I wanted to position the app in context to its long history and also that it is technically the first version of this new app, if that makes sense.

From here on out, though, I’ll probably technically move the version # to “3” instead of “1” so that no one gets confused. What’s crazy is that I even got confused at first when people started emailing me about it (go figure)!

Anyways, chalk that one up to a major lesson-learned in terms of communication around product releases. You need to have all of these things in order so that people know what they are getting and to minimize any confusion.

And, of course, to minimize support emails about it! That’s good for no one. Thanks for everyone that sent me an email about it though!