Desk App: 1 of 16

Desk App was selected as 1 of 16 apps featured in Apple’s just-launched worldwide campaign called “Get Productive“!

(This also means it’s on sale! Get it now!)

I mean, although I’m a bit biased and I think the app is pretty swell… to think it can stand besides some of those giants on the list is amazing!

In short, an unbelievable honor! So thankful for the Mac App Store and what they’ve done for my small indie app that I had created just a few years ago.


The lineup includes a number of A-List apps so I’m quite humbled to be considered in the running.

I’ve gotten a lot of pleasure seeing thousands of users write and publish and blog more because of the app and I’m excited about the updates that will be coming around this year, including the much-anticipated WordPress API and continued API updates for


Thank you so much for your support throughout all the past few years! It means a lot to me!