Desk App: Images and Rotation

It was requested a while back but I thought I’d be able to put a few hours in to implementing a small (yet significant) update to Desk App:


If you’re like me, then adding images to your blog posts is essential – in fact, I’m not sure if I ever have a post that doesn’t have an image (or two) in them.

But sometimes when I drag and drop an image into the editor it’s not rotated in the right way (because of the metadata or the way it was taken / saved).

So, having a small rotate button on the bottom left of the image makes a lot of sense, right? And sometimes it’s the small features like these that really create a significant amount of value; or, at the very least, solve a really felt pain point.

Building a successful product doesn’t have to solve the world’s problems, sometimes it just has to solve the user’s most simple needs.