Desk App: Technical and Personal Update

There are a few big updates coming in newest release for all of the Desk products (PM, MD, NT), both technically and then personally.

So, let’s first start with the technical, shall we?

New Features:

There are two notable new features that you’ll get to experience:

  1. Evernote: Receiving and updating the published posts.
  2. WordPress: “Live Preview” in addition to “Open in Browser”!

Those have been requested and I’m happy to oblige. It’s been a lot of work, but mostly on the issues that have cropped up over the past month – I’ve got a great community and I’m so thankful for you all!

Fixed Issues:

Here’s a look at nearly 30 fixes:

  1. Spellcheck feature does not work on markdown mode.
  2. Rotated picture is cut by window border.
  3. Picture is not rotated in created mail.
  4. Picture reverts rotation after deleting text after it.
  5. Optimization of saving method.
  6. App crashes when creating a link.
  7. Shortcut in WYSIWYG adds carriage return.
  8. Meta data (word/character count, etc.) keeps flashing while typing.
  9. Copy paste does not work as intended all the time.
  10. Info in bottom panel overlaps right panel.
  11. Evernote: Different post count in app and web-version.
  12. Locked posts in Evernote are not handled in Desk.
  13. Live preview opens root blog instead of content.
  14. No tags on self-hosted WordPress.
  15. Posts can’t be switched with arrow keys.
  16. Rotating picture deletes text after it.
  17. Click in the editor hides top and bottom bars.
  18. 2X button shows two miniatures.
  19. Yosemite-only issue: Creating link by clicking in editor.
  20. 2x button calls ‘selected text’ popover.
  21. Immortal popover after rotating picture. Whoops.
  22. Rotated image is broken on blog.
  23. Image popover stays on the screen after deleting the image.
  24. Dragging picture deletes it.
  25. App crashes when closing preview before page is loaded.
  26. Picture become blurred after rotation.

Whoot. The app has gotten to a place where things should be stable for a bit of time… which brings me to a very important note…

A Step Back:

When I first started building Desk I had no idea that I’d ever release it publicly to others, but I did. And then, I had no idea that it would go on to win not only “Best Apps of the Year” for 2014 but again, two years in a row, for 2015.

Humbled, honored, and if I’m honest, sometimes very confused! I love what I get to do and I have loved every moment of building this product. The community has received it well and I have helped thousands of people write and publish thousands of blog posts.

As a writer myself I can think of very few things more satisfying than helping others do the very thing that I love, more; it’s a bit like that good friend who shares a deep love for the same thing as you, type of thing.

What Desk has done for me, more than anything else though, is that it’s allowed me to define, for myself, what an indie developer was and how I wanted to encounter that word, that lifestyle, and that experience in total.

Desk allowed me to experience some significant awards and accolades to which I am incredibly grateful for, and, on the flip-side of things, it has reminded me about how incredibly lonely and challenging it can be to build and launch things as an artist, as a creator.

I never thought it would go as far as it has and I never thought I’d be in the place that I am. In fact, most of my life is a sequence and series of unplanned events that somehow, for whatever reason, coalesce into the form of something semi-understandable.

I try to plan but, in most cases, I’m just heads-down and building stuff that I want to build. I have plans, like most of you do, but most of the time those plans have revolved around “luck” – or at least the type of luck that you can make yourself (as one of my friends used to tell me).

And right now, the luck that I’m making for myself centers around building a product, TOMO, with a great co-founder. There’s no revenue and we not technically employed “gainfully” quite yet, but, it’s something that’s captured both my mind and my heart in a way that hasn’t for a very, very long time.

As a natural consequence, I need to focus as much as I possibly can I build this startup which means re-engineering my entire life from the ground up. And nothing is off the table, even the things that are really close to my heart.

Of course, there are a handful of uncompromisable parts of my life, like my family, but that’s about it. Everything else needs to take a backseat if I’m to build this company right and that includes all of my indie projects.

At this point, you’ve already guessed the conclusion to this long post and you’d be right: This update that should pass through Apple’s hands in the next few days for review and then out to the community will be the last feature-release for the foreseeable future.

I will continue to capture issues (e.g. bugs) as I have been but I can’t promise a super-fast turnaround time on those either. I will do my best to keep the app running smoothly so you can keep blogging.

Thank you for all that you, the community, has done for me over the past few years – it’s been an unbelievable run and I believe that for most it’s been entirely mutual as Desk has encouraged you to write and publish more, which was (and still is) the mission of the product.

In return, I’ve been very satisfied with the relationship and have been humbled by the attention it’s received: You have all contributed a lifetime’s worth of lessons that will impact me for, well, the rest of my life. I am eternally grateful.

Thanks again.