Desk App v3.1

Yup, after a bit of a delay, v3.1 of Desk App has gotten through the App Store Review process and should be available to update worldwide.

What’s neat is that the entire review process, from submission to approval, took less than 24 hours. Unbelievable speed considering the previous time required. Most excellent!

Fast turn-around!

This update brings a few needed changes and fixes from the original v3.0 release:

  1. Left panel was having some issues. Thanks to everyone who identified the issues and submitted tickets!
  2. Publishing and Quick Publish was having some problems for some folks. That sucks, obviously, because this is what the app was meant to do! Should be fixed.
  3. Text Editor was having some issues with tables, images, Markdown, WYSIWYG conversion, shortcuts, and even editor view configs… essentially there was a lot that was broken (but not for everyone) but just took a lot longer to track down than I had originally anticipated. Sorry about that!
  4. Local documents and drafts was acting wonky. So… not anymore.

Appreciate the feedback and support as it means a ton to me. The community of writers in my life have been such a blessing and I’m so grateful to have served them for so long.

Keep on hitting Publish. You can do it.