Awarded “Best App of 2015”!

A year ago Desk won Best App of 2014 and I had no idea how that happened the first time. And so, if I’m to be honest, being awarded it for a second year in a row has completely blown my mind!


I’m humbled to receive the reward and the attention for such a small indie project that I had originally conjured up on a long road trip with my brother back in 2002. It took many, many more years for me to be comfortable with my own engineering and product thinking to feel inclined to take a stab at a personal solution.

And, as most things go for me, my intent was not originally to release it publicly; I wanted to provision it for myself and for my own use and only a little later did I think about sharing my little project with the world.


I didn’t think much of it at the time but I’m reminded every day that I have created something very personal and very special. But, most importantly, there’s been a great little community that’s gotten behind it and that has supported it every single step of the way.

With that in mind, I’m having a 50% SALE in light of the award! Thanks so much for your support – it’s meant the world to me!