Desk (PM, MD, NT) December Release Notes

For those who aren’t aware, the App Store is on Holiday Break between December 22 through the 29th. Consequently, you can’t make any new submissions or get anything through the store, especially App Reviews.

But… I just released 3 updates to Desk PM, MD, and NT. Unfortunately, this doesn’t fix the crash issue that a few users have been experiencing but I’m working on that!

Here are the top-level Release Notes:

New Features

  • You can have a POST TITLE be automatically created from your content!
  • Copying link for post to Clipboard
  • Folders in Local Drafts

Fixed Issues

  • Auto-created title isn’t work for export.
  • Content disappears if you call WYSIWYG again in WYSIWYG mode.
  • Unable to ‘open’ Tumblr
  • Can’t update Markdown images post on Tumblr.
  • Desk had some issues asking user for name of post when creating a new one.
  • Duplicated menu entries.
  • App didn’t remember selected settings when user reopens the document
  • Can’t edit post title if post starts as a new blog post from full screen
  • App crashes on adding Blogger.
  • Codeblocks had a few issues.
  • Unable to paste link in popup text field.
  • Squarespace had some image issues.
  • Unable to change heading without deleting it.
  • Add/Delete columns and rows aren’t working.

Thanks so much for your feedback and support!