Desk Overview Video… #2!

I had the same team that created my first real product overview video create me a second one for other contexts and marketing opportunities.

I thought this one was pretty neat as well and tells (and shows) a slightly different angle and take on how to use Desk.

I don’t think you can go wrong with investing a bit of time and financial resources in getting a product overview video done for your app, even if it’s small.

And, of course, there’s no pressure to use a professional service either! Heck, I got started with doing it myself, just a really crappy voice-over while I walked through the app.

It didn’t seem to stop or impede growth and it was still effective as far as I could tell. You should alway endeavor to save money when you can which is always a great principle and practice to be reminded of.

But, if you have a few extra coins lying around, you should take a look at putting one together. I’ve been happy with Splitch and they’ve done a great job with my limited time and resources.