Desk v3: Concept Sneak Peek

As I’ve shared, I’m putting together version 3.0 of Desk and I’ve already started putting together the designs.

Please note, nothing that you see here (or in the near future) are “set in stone” quite yet as I’m working through a number of different concepts for the next version.

But, I’ll let you be the first to know when the images you see are canonical in nature!

I also don’t want to give too much context for the direction of where version 3.0 will head – I’m still not entirely sure myself, if I’m to be honest, but, it’ll be worth the wait for those who continue to love using native applications for publishing.

I’m excited, that’s for sure.





One concept that I’m working on…

Stay tuned… I’ll share more about where I’m headed with this significant update, but, I’m excited to be “refreshing” the product into a different direction.

My goal and intent is still very much the same: I want to encourage more people to capture their thoughts, their ideas, their hopes, and their dreams and to share them with the world.

If people use Desk and become better storytellers then the app is very much a success. Cheers.