Desk v3.1: Design for WordPress Post Excerpts

I know, I know… version 3.0 isn’t even officially out quite yet (just waiting and working with the Mac App Store’s review process) and I’m already been thinking through v3.1 updates and changes.

Actually, that’s not entirely true… I’ve already been given a number of additional thoughts from community members and customers about what they’d love to see in the coming iterations.

Thankfully, now that Desk has been designed exclusively for WordPress, I’m able to focus 100% of my effort on building a comprehensive and svelte writing experience for those that are looking to publish.

A comment recently that came into my inbox was about Post Excerpts and the answer is… yes! I’m going to put that on the short-list and build it in. The question, though, is how we should have the designed…

So, for your viewing pleasure (and review), I present to you two different options, the first of which is very simple, built right into the existing side-dock flow, and the second is to have an option closer to the end of your writing experience with a pop-up:

Post Excerpts for WordPress, version A.

Here’s a closer look:

Version A, close-up.

Or, we could do Version B:

WordPress Post Excerpts, Version B.

Here’s a closer look:

Version B, close-up.

If you click this excerpt then there will be a small pop-up where you’ll insert your excerpt:

Version B, pop-up.

Here’s a closer view:

Version B, pop-up, close-up.

So, essentially, I’d love to know your thoughts and your preference! Please ping @DeskPM on Twitter with your thoughts and cast your vote!

Or, click this directly and choose A or B! Thanks!