Desk and the (Newish) WP-API

Version 2.0 (Beta 5) is available now and it seems stable enough to take a serious stab at it in terms of integrating with Desk (and replacing the old system of authentication, etc).

I’ve taken a first pass at what seems to be a lot of positives but there are a few initial drawbacks that I’ve discovered. I’ve listed them below:

Benefits of Moving to WP-API:

These are some of the benefits / capabilities with the new WP-API:

  1. The number of posts the site has (We can show this count near site name on right panel).
    GET /sites/$site
  2. Primary language code of the site (Maybe we can add button “About” for show this info).
    GET /sites/$site
  3. The site logo, set in the Customizer (We can show site logo on right panel).
    GET /sites/$site
  4. If the site is a private site or not (Can change alpha for site title).
    GET /sites/$site
  5. Posts: Get a single post (by ID).
  6. Posts: Restore a post or page from the trash to its previous status.
  7. Comments: Get a list of recent comments.
  8. Comments: Get a list of recent comments on a post.
  9. Comments: Like a comment.
  10. Comments: Remove your like from a comment.
  11. Comments: Delete a comment.
  12. Comments: Create a comment as a reply to another comment.
  13. Taxonomy: Delete a category.
  14. Stats: Get a site’s stats (Stats about the requested site, visits to the requested site)

Negatives of Moving to WP-API:

These could be classified as “cons” or perhaps just limitations at this point:

  1. Authentication will return token. But after two week this is token will invalid and we must authentication anew.
  2. Cannot add custom Url.

At this point there is an overwhelmingly-good reason to move to the WP-API for the next update for Desk and I can only believe that the WP-API will continue to get better as it matures and finds adoption.


Squashing Bugs…

In other news, yes, there is a pretty critical issues right now with instances crashing and I have identified them (with a lot of your help!!!) and begun working on a fix. I should have it done shortly…!

Thanks for your patience and support! It means a ton.