The Importance of a Developer’s Blog

I wrote the other day a post that was personally very impactful – most simply a reminder about how powerful a newsletter is and how it can really spur life change, among other things.

And a few days ago I was reminded how important my blog is to the process of not only sharing news about the app (i.e. marketing, essentially…) but also how it plays a very important part of the actual sales process.

As you can see above, the catalyst for moving @Hendron from an observer to customer was simply the fact that I was being transparent and honest about the process of building, launching, and maintaining an indie app in the Mac App Store.

That’s all it was.

Now, why is this important? I think it’s important for a ton of reasons and is why I started blogging in the first place but I think there are two things that immediately stand out for me as chief motivations for spending the time required to write blog posts:

  1. Engagement – The blog allows a developer to “close the gap” between the product and the customer. It allows for a personal touch, a hint of humanity, and invites the viewer into a much bigger story. It’s all about storytelling, anyways, right? This relational capital can oftentimes blossom into an actual sale. It doesn’t happen always and it’s much less of a conversion factor, but I think it an important element in building more than just an app but something sustainable for a developer and perhaps an organization/team.
  2. Cathartic – I think the act of publishing one’s thoughts is incredibly important for the developer, for the blogger, as it allows them to crystalize their very own thoughts about what they are doing. Blogging is honestly how I understand the world around me and it’s an important mental activity. I think it helps one isolate, communicate, and understand. I think it focuses ones’ attention on what matters and really uncovers truths that would may never have otherwise become present and available.

So, there are two major components to a developer’s blog – I could probably list 20 other reasons why a blog is really tactical and strategic but you’ve heard all those arguments before (and you still aren’t convinced).

I hope you blog, I hope you write and share your story. People want to hear about it.