Development Estimate

After the Design UX/UI Estimate the next thing to do is to create a complementary development estimate.

Now, this has the chance to expand and contract depending on a number of factors, the biggest one being scope (increase/decrease) that I’ll continue to massage and determine as I get closer to build time.

At this point, there seems to be four main sections of the app to build out and I’ll list those with task-specific time reqs.

Main App

  1. 6hrs – Main App Architecture
  2. 4hrs – Apple Developer Program Management

Essentially the creation of the necessary certificates, provisioning profiles, adding any additional devices that I need. This is generous since I’ve done this many times before, but, I never know what I’ll encounter when I start. Expect the unexpected…


  1. 16hrs – Drag and Drop Screen
  2. 12hrs – Onboarding Screens
  3. 24hrs – App Settings

The reality is that additional optimization on devices and low-performance issues will make a number of these things more complex than they actually should be (at least in my head. There’s a high-risk that I’ll have to expand this particular area depending on these issues…

Image Parameters

  1. 2hrs – Quality Control
  2. 16hrs – Change Size
  3. 6hrs – Rotation
  4. 4hrs – File Extensions

There’s a size limit (in pixels) and ratios that I’ll need to play around with to make this work really well. Again, a bunch of things that I may encounter may challenge this but that’s fine.


  1. 3hrs – Locking Mechanisms
  2. 2hrs – Customer Help
  3. 7hrs – Paths to Save
  4. 5hrs – Change Names
  5. 3hrs – Save Parameters
  6. 8hrs – Drag & Drop in Menu Icon
  7. 4hrs – Auto-Save

Nothing too special here except the first one which is a new idea that I had about creating custom “locks” available to the user to save their settings in-between use. The Menu Icon (Drag & Drop) is something that many people are familiar with a’la apps like CloudApp and Droplr, among many others.

If I add in an addition 40hrs of Quality Assurance time the total is ~160hrs for development. That’s a full month of solid work if I were to really put this through the paces and it’s a generous amount of time considering the relative size of the app.

What I have not included in the estimate of time in the overall scheme of things is the time required to build traction and scale up any marketing efforts that I want to work on. This obviously doesn’t include anything like writing content which does take time as well.

But, that’s cool. Nothing ventured, nothing gained…