The Uncertainty

via Cult of Mac:

The uncertainty is the worst part,” said Michaels. “The thing is, you don’t know. If 100 percent of your income comes from this store, and you don’t know, the level of anxiety is really high. There’s genuinely PTSD among developers.

I can understand this to a degree since I too make a few dollars here and there from the App Store, but, I definitely don’t make my full income from it by a long-shot (and there aren’t any plans on doing that any time soon).

There’s a part of me, though, that’s not scared about Apple events and more simply just curious. When I decide to build my own indie apps I don’t make the decision based on what I think the overall “success” will be but rather how well I think I can solve a problem.


With that in mind, the more specific I can be the better off I am for not being “sherlocked” or having my apps become decimated by some native feature in a new update.

I can also argue that none of my indie apps have ever been ones to “push the envelope” either, so, if they were to have become native functions then it would have happened a long time ago.

There is, of course, a level of uncertainty in all that we do in software development. I feel this deeply, daily, and I know that it’s tough to find reasons to continue to build at times. But, that just comes with the territory.