Going to Try Out DevMate

So, I’m going to try using DevMate to help gather feedback, analytics, crash reports, and perhaps even explore selling the app outside the Mac App Store ecosystem.


With Desk, my other small app, I’ve been using Paddle, which hasn’t wow’d me like I had hoped it would.

devmate-pay-as-you-goI particularly like the pricing schematic that they’ve got going on, which is a Pay-as-you-go type system:

My hope is to “break even” with the project in terms of my overall costs, conservatively-speaking, which is essentially my time for development.

My guess is that I’ll need to sell anywhere 7 and 8,000 copies (if I sell it for $2.99 or something small like that). I’m thinking about aiming a bit higher with the price but I’ve still got time to figure that out.

DevMate… don’t make me “meh” about your product!