Didn’t Work

As I’ve shared previously my family is going through a big “offloading” event as we are affectionately calling it and being incredibly strict with what we are going to keep and what we are going to sell or simply donate and giveaway.

We’ve expanded our efforts to go beyond just books – anything goes at this point. Furniture, clothes, and whatever else that we’re simply not using and don’t need.

But one of the interesting things that’s happening as I’m vetting my books in terms of whether or not I want to keep them is the fact that I’m being a bit introspective and reflective as I walk through all the titles. I’m simply asking myself this very simple question:

Did it work?

In other words, did the advice in this particular book “work”? Did it provide the value that I had hoped it would and was it time well spent?

Sadly I’m finding that most of the books that I sorting through have had very little impact on my life, even after reading them cover to cover and scribbling tons of notes in each one of them. Most of them failed miserably to provide the advertised or marketed value that had gotten me to part with my precious dollar bills and most of them have been wildly disappointing.

Perhaps I expected too much; perhaps I should have not assumed that the proposed contents that laid within was not actually the proposed content. Or, I’ll admit, perhaps I didn’t try hard enough to execute against what these authors were suggesting that I do with this new information.

Maybe that’s it.

Some of them, like the book above, made me laugh out loud. I’ve been blogging for 12 years now – more than most people and yet I never “blogged” my way to a six figure income. You would think that if there was one guy who would eventually “blog his way” then it would be me. Sure, it wasn’t my intent or expressed goal and I made it half-way there one year but the thing is that I gave it a serious go and attempted all that those two authors suggested that I’d do. And sure, perhaps I’m still on my way…

I remember thumbing through it so many times, re-reading certain sections, and nearly ripping the pages out because I wanted to put them on my wall in front of my computer. The image of the book above is actually of my second copy of the book because the first one was worn so badly.

But it never happened. It never worked.

I don’t blame the authors at all. I’m not bitter either. I’ve just found most books to be far too contextually-specific and contextually-disparate that the amount of relevant material is very, very small.

And yet I have parted with thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of these books which have provided me very little in return. Fascinating to think about. Not depressing, at least initially; just fascinating.