Die, Sugar.

One of my biggest weaknesses is a love of sugar. I really like sweet things.

But, I also know that it’s one of the things that I simply do not need in my life… or, at least, as much as I’d like to consume.

Even natural sugars from fruit can be overdone; quite easily in fact. So, I’ve been working hard over the last few years to remove most sugar(s) from my diet. I have more energy and I am less prone to migraines.

But, I’ve been a bit lax in the last few months (and lazy) with my consumption of sugar and I need to get things back on track. And, I’m starting today.

I’m killing sugar from my diet. I don’t need it and the effects of not having it far outweigh the benefits. I’m publicly blogging this so that if I ever meet you out IRL or have a meeting then you know where I stand.

Sugar… you’re time is up.