Writing is Discipline More Than Passion

One of the things that I’ve discovered over the last 10 years as a writer and blogger is that I’m more passionate about the topics that I write about more than the act of writing itself.

This might seem a bit obvious to many of you or it may even surprise to a few but it’s true – I am a writer only insofar as the fact that I write but I am not actually head-over-heals in love with act of writing itself.

Hah! I realize that this fact might reduce your respect of me in your eyes but it’s the truth – I love technology, I love WordPress, I love software engineering, and I love blogging, but I’m not passionately in love with writing like so many authors and writers out there.

Does that even make sense? (I hope so…)

What I have discovered is that I’m more in love with the discipline of writing or the art of growing in knowledge, wisdom, and skill of a certain particular gift and/or strength. This applies to many things in my life as I simply love the act of improving and forward motion in whatever I’ve committed myself to.

In fact, you could have guessed this about me if you knew me in High School as my Senior Quote in the yearbook was this:


Yup, one single word! This is a Japanese word that I picked up in Middle School (while I lived in Japan) and I instantly fell in love with the word and the meaning as it represented much of who I was and how I saw the world: Continuous Improvement.

And I think this is true of many people as many of us desperately want to see progress in the things that they do both professionally and recreationally – whether they are getting paid to do whatever they do is not the end goal or even the entire core motivation!

We all want to improve our writing but it can become frustrating when we feel like we “should” love the act of writing and when we don’t we may feel inadequate or like we “missed” something or that we’re disappointing our readers (and ourselves) because we don’t match some cultural or historical expectation.

I think this is unreasonable and unfair! We are such a diverse group of people and we all write and blog for different reasons, sometimes because we see blogging as a means to a larger end or a vehicle for marketing our true passion and connecting with other like-minded invididuals and businesses. I think these are just as legit a reason to write and blog as it is to write and blog because you love to write and… blog!

But I write because I love the discipline of writing. I write because I love to educate others on how to become better bloggers. I write because I love to hear the success stories of people who use the strategies that I share, who use the products that I freely share, and who can leverage the perspectives and experiences that I’ve had to their advantage.

That is satisfying. That is satisfaction. That is “writing” for me. That is discipline and that’s what matters the most. Writing for me is not a passion – it’s a committed discipline to make a difference in people’s lives.

And that’s a sustainable and long-term motivation that’ll keep me here for a long, long time. That’s why I’m committed to writing every single day of the year, even if I don’t actually publish anything.

What about you? Is this a different perspective on blogging? Is this a fair one?

[Image via Creative Commons, dancatt, cszar.]