The Distance Between Creator and Creation

I wish there was a “250 Things” for most of things in life… wouldn’t that be nice?

This list of two hundred and fifty things an architect should know is really cool to read through as it includes things that aren’t just technical but also experiential, like the very first one:

The feel of cool marble under bare feet.

I know what that feels like but not as an architect and certainly not as the person who actually constructed and put together that floor in that specific structure.

The distance between creator and creation at that point is irreducibly minimized and it’s one of real intimacy, real knowledge of each other.

Perhaps I should construct a list of things every software programmer should know… or entrepreneur… or husband… or father… focus on the little nuances that close that gap.

When we get to touch, taste, feel, and experience our own creation, it elicits a sense of awe and connection that only the creator could possibly understand.

This might be why I’m so drawn to building stuff for myself because that feeling is… intoxicating, a digital opiate of the mind and soul.

You and I were meant to build things, to create, to form things out of nothing and to establish order out of the chaos. This was by design; it’s biblical.