Ditching Email…?

Mike Dariano shared this link with me about how Nobel Prize winner Peter Higgs doesn’t own a computer and doesn’t have an email address:

Peter Higgs, it turns out, is not interested in being accessible. He has no e-mail address because he owns no computer. He does own a cellphone, but he only answers it if he knows the caller.

I suppose that the point of the article was to suggest how greatness still can be achieved without modern technological communication devices and software but I think it’s worth noting how his award was for something he worked on in the 1960’s and is not really connected with his choice of technology today.

But, it’s worth thinking about, isn’t it?

It has challenged me this morning to think about how crucial it is that I have email in my own life and if there is anyway to significantly reduce the payload (and I use that word specifically and explicitly) if not eliminate it entirely.

Unfortunately after about 30 seconds of pondering this equation I saw no ready solution or plausible circumstance where that could be possible – perhaps I’m not thinking creatively or deeply enough about the problem as a whole.

Death, Taxes, and Email. Will they always be with us? If you’re looking for a big challenge to solve then you’ve got 3 right there.