You Entrepreneur DNA


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A very interesting article on the Entrepreneur’s DNA via the WSJ was passed to me by my father last night.

A fascinating perspective on the difference between disruptive business leaders and execution-driven executives. To be the former it seems that an emphasis on the following are vital:

  1. Associating – Drawing connections between questions, problems, or ideas from unrelated fields.
  2. Observing – Scrutinizing the behavior of customers, suppliers, and competitors to identify new ways of doing things.
  3. Questioning – Posing queries that challenge common wisdom.
  4. Experimenting – Constructing interactive experiences and provoking unorthodox responses to see what insights emerge.
  5. Networking – Meeting people with different ideas and perspectives.

Do you find yourself well-versed in those ingredients?

As a full time entrepreneur I find that I have all of the above listed traits but I am not gifted or skilled in all of them in exceptional form. The one that stands above all else, at least from my cursory thought process, is the first: associating.

I enjoy the challenge of seeing all fields of science and the arts as a collective whole not bound by typical boundaries or assumptions. This means that any and all things can be related and can be used for solving problems.

On innovative companies:

Innovative companies are led by innovative chief executives. They spend their time asking provocative questions, observing the world like anthropologists, networking with people who don’t think, act or talk like them. They are willing to experiment and try new things.

You have to live it. When it comes to innovation, it is like hyperspeed in terms of the importance of walking the talk.

What are your thoughts?