I Challenge You to Make $1.00 Through Your Blog by the End of the Year!

[tentblogger-vimeo 16888202]

Sounds easy, right? Perhaps. But for many of us we need that extra push and explicit call to action and challenge that will move us from being a blogger that makes $0.00 to one that is making more than $0.00!

(Hopefully a lot more.)

So I challenge you to make $1.00 by the end of this calendar year!

Here are some suggestions and thoughts on getting started:

  1. Make sure you’re explicit with your acceptance of this challenge! Comment below and blog about it on your blog referencing this post! Let the world know that you’re going to “experiment”!
  2. Document what you’re doing and how much money you make! I’d love to hear stories January 1st about how you made $100.00 instead of just $1.00!
  3. I suggest taking a look at trying one of the many methods and opportunities I’ve laid out here on “Making Money Blogging” series.

Ready to accept my challenge? Comment below with your digital signature!

[If you already make a few dollars through your blog then you have to ‘up’ your game! Accept the challenge but increase the dollar figure amount. Go go go!]