10 Sites to Check for Domain Name Availability

[This is part of the Blogging Foundations Starter Kit Series.]

Sweet, you’re ready for the next step and you’ve gone through the list of things to consider when thinking about your new domain name for your blog.

But where do you search? How do you know if the name you’ve come up with is even available? Are there any tools that can help with the discovery process?

Yup. Here are 10 sites that I’ve used historically that do the job just fine, listed in order of personal use:

1. Domainr

Domai.nr is my favorite domain tool ever. In fact, 9 out of 10 searches start (and end) here. I only use the next 9 if I get stuck (which is rare).


2. GoDaddy

Honestly sometimes I just straight up check GoDaddy.

3. Domize

Domize helps me see alternatives of ideas that I have on the TLDs that count (.com, .net, .org).

4. Bust A Name

Bust A Name helps find available domains. Simple.

5. Stuck Domains

StuckDomains is a simple service that shows you a list of expired domains. I’m always curious to see if someone “forgot” to renew a great domain and it’s being held in limbo.


DYYO helps you find that perfect 4-letter domain, which is like one of the Holy Grail of domains (the others being 3 and 5). It’s helped me a few times.

7. Name Boy

NameBoy has helped me a few times as well. Put in some primary and secondary keywords and let the dice roll.

8. Dot-o-mator

I’ve had a few chuckles with Dot-o-mator in the past. I haven’t found anything that I’ve liked directly but it’s given me some neat ideas for other domains that were eventually purchased (http://8bit.io anyone…?).

9. Blungr

Blungr is somewhat of a new one for me. I’ve used it a few times.

10. Web Hosting Search

Makes me giggle a bit. Always has: Web Hosting Search.

[This is part of the Blogging Foundations Starter Kit Series.]