Use Domainer App to Manage and Research Domains

One of the questions I get a lot is how I simply manage all of the domain names that I own and how I decide on the right ones to purchase.

For starters I spend time doing keyword research (like I do with Title Tags for blog posts) and use a lot of the same keyword tools as well.

But one app that I’ve used to help me not only research domains but also manage the ones that I currently have is Domainer.

A Mac and Windows app it can help seriously simplify your efforts in finding those perfect domain names.

Check out this quick overview video:

[tentblogger-youtube b1Rx0fRrOiM]

Here are some other core features:

  • Track and manage unlimited amount of domains!
  • iCal sync and notifications to help you know when your domains are expiring.
  • Research and monitor the blogs and sites that you might be in competition with!
  • Get important SEO statistics for each domain, including PageRank, Alexa, Back links, and Social Tags.
  • Simple and easy grouping and sorting features.
  • Intuitive import system so that you can get up and running quickly if you have many domains you’d like to track.
  • Sync with iPod, iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices.

I find it nearly invaluable even if it just helped me stay on top of the many domains that I have with all of those expiration dates!

Intuitive and pretty interface.

If you’re in the market then check out Domainer – for $39 it’s a steal.

If you need one more tutorial and overview video before purchase then check out this simply walkthrough:

[tentblogger-youtube 9_uirI6NAHY]

Let me know your thoughts!