Jumpstart a New Blog with One of These Domains I’m Selling!

See one that could jumpstart you?

I have a really bad habit of purchasing domains that I feel have even the slightest bit of potential.

Like some of you I have big hopes and dreams about every single one but the truth is that most of us simply don’t have the time to actually do anything about them.

So they rot in internet purgatory and don’t get any airplay! Well, I’d rather give them the chance to be awesome with someone else instead of hanging in my hanger called “Maybe Some Day”.

Take a look at this list and if you’re seriously interested in purchasing one then drop me a line via email. I feel like some of these, with the right person behind them, could be a huge success!
Also, note how most of them are .com’s!

  • ChurchFreelancer.com – Same potential as “TentBlogger”!¬†¬†Could be great for a personal approach to doing freelance work in a ministry/church context. Huge keyword opportunity and very unique brand. I’d imagine that just on keywords alone this freelancer could earn jobs and opportunities. – $1,000 obo
  • ChurchLancer.com
  • ChurchP2P.com – $80
  • ChurchVid.com – Video enthusiast? Couldn’t get better. If you’ve got a startup (or long-standing) video/media company serving this industry this could be a killer domain. – $300
  • ChurchCon.com – I once talked with someone who wanted to create the ultimate “Church Conference” database. This would be the domain! – $200
  • ChurchEbook.com – These next 4 are high potential domains for a very fast-growing area of internet and publishing!
  • ChurchEbooks.com – I’d be willing to sell these together for $1,500 obo
  • MinistryEbook.com – Same as above.
  • MinistryEbooks.com
  • ChurchHacks.com – Could be silly or serious blog idea. – $140
  • ChurchPop.com – Popular news and editorial content in the ministry sector? Yes! – $125
  • ChurchPWN.com – $50
  • ChurchNorris.com $50
  • ChurchStack.com – $50
  • ChurchWifi.com – Any IT pros could take this and make some serious content. If you’re a re-seller of these types of items you could kill it with keywords – $250
  • TheologyBlogs.com – A great opportunity for a blog network which could be extremely profitable! – $400
  • ChurchCSS.com – Either a gallery with affiliate marketing or a blog or what not! Tons of potential. – $300
  • WPMinistry.com – Love WordPress? Love Ministry? Combine the two and you’ve got a killer domain. – $300
  • WPQuicky.com – This could be a killer news blog or tips and tricks blog. – $300

This will be a working list as I constantly buy new domains, sell them, or simply cycle through them.