Getting Things Done Starts with My Health

It’s been a bit more than 3 years, to be exact, but someone had asked me recently for more specifics on how I get things “done” and I remembered that a big part of my process and schedule is eating healthy and daily exercise.

In fact, since committing myself to a categorically-different lifestyle than the one that I had previously lived I’ve managed to maintain it, iterate, and improve it.

But the weight stays the same, which is fine. I hover around 158-162 pounds and I feel great about that. I know that weight is only one of many signals and that the number, in and of itself, doesn’t mean that I’m necessarily healthy.

I was reminded of this a few months ago when I went in for a physical and was told that my cholesterol levels were a bit higher than they had been historically and that I needed to cut out a lot of my dairy consumption (among other things).

And this sucks because I had already cut out milk entirely and was just eating cheese and some yogurt. And I freakin’ love cheese.

Anyways, back to the point… part of my daily schedule is getting my asian butt in the gym and investing in my body for everyone’s sake. And my life has been better for it.

That decision was a major turning point in my life and one of the most important ones I’ve ever made. Much thanks goes to my wife and partner who has encouraged me every step of the way to maintain my exercise routine and especially my diet (which is about 90% of the real effort).

My advice to anyone who feels like it’s time for a “change,” whatever that might be, is to start with your health. This not only includes your physical health but also your mental, emotional, and spiritual investments.

I mean, if you’re not executing at the “top” of your performance charts then it’s not because you’re not smart enough, or talented, or that you have enough experience… it might be because you’re simply not in the best shape possible.

What we end up doing, sometimes, is blame others, blame our environment, and other such things when we should take a hard and serious look in the mirror.

So, this is how I “get shit done” – I start with myself and figure out what’s broken… what needs replacement… what needs to be reset… and then go from there. It’s a monthly, weekly, daily endeavor.