Don’t Fool Yourself

Love this via @Cap:

Whatever you do, do not join a company that values something you don’t believe in. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can change it, or that you can adjust to it. It’s going to suck.

This couldn’t be more true. I will admit, I have fooled myself a handful of times in my own career history in joining a company that I wasn’t fully bought into but irrationally setting those things aside for the sake of convenience (or burying them by over-emphasizing other qualities).

I think this goes for not just joining a company but also starting one as you want to analyze, understand, and evaluate your own motives to see if they are real or if you’re covering up for something else.

And, of course, it also goes for hiring great folks to work with and partnering with like-minded individuals.


I love this as well:

What I finally realized (and what has helped me change my approach) is that every company, no matter the size or type or work or team, has issues. And, much of the time, those issues aren’t even unique to the company, just slightly different flavors.

It’s taken me a long time to figure out a lot of these truths – I wish I had learned them earlier but c’est la vie; I have very little regrets actually as all of them have resulted in significant opportunities to learn more about myself and the incredible number of open doors that are really available.

In the end, we all have to decide for ourselves what is most important and we must be able to forgive ourselves for making irrational and awkward decisions in the past.