Man, what a day.  I’ll go in reverse…

Just got out of the shower.  That was nice feeling, since my head was in a state of massive pain… and still is, sort of.  Had a shower cause I got back from working out.  Booya, hit 275 pounds on my bench press…!  Dude, thats awesome. I thank the Lord for such physical gifts.  You never had to give me them Lord, but, You did.  Thanks, its awesome to test myself physically… I’ll be doing that all my life.  But, I was tired, cause, before that, I was dancing on skiles walkway for a couple hours.  Got some really good vids, and some pics of me bustin a sweet one hand invert.  Tight.  I’ll put those up later on a public post…  But, that was good, mad fun.  Haven’t danced like that in public for awhile.  Mad good fun.  Thanks again to the Lord for giving me dance and rhythm.  What a cool thing.  But, after, just before I got up to leave, I got hammered on the head by scott who came down off a 90.  So, I blacked out, and uh, couldn’t stand properly and smelt blood and tasted blood in my mouth… How sick.  and, to top it off, someone dropped my camera and i busted the wheel to zoom in and out.  THat sucks.  Doh.  Oh well.  Had 2 classes today before that, mad boring, thankfully i had my lappy and wireless… :)  and, then, in the morning, i shipped out thomas’s package, and yeah, i’m getting back to what the last post said.  Ne…

So, dancing today, busted 275 pounds!!! and uh, had a good thing at quizno’s…  I was a couple pennies short and the guy behind the counter covered me.  what a cool guy.  so, today has been pretty good.  was gonna goto 722, but, instead, im going out with su and todd and andrew to get some dinner.  i might not eat much, but, itll be good to talk to them.

Trying to finish out some apps for Campus Crusade.  I have to talk to my rents first though…  Doh, I wanna go abroad with Thomas, I think taht would be so cool.

oh well, we’ll see how it works. 

Just talking with doobie right now.  What a doobie.  My airwalker.  love that girl.

doobietang (6:01:49 PM): hey
doobietang (6:01:58 PM): you still there?
doobietang (6:02:13 PM): come BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
doobietang (6:02:23 PM): 
doobietang (6:02:37 PM): please?
jleekun (6:02:45 PM): hehe
jleekun (6:02:46 PM): watsups.
doobietang (6:02:55 PM): how can you read that tiny lettering?
doobietang (6:03:18 PM): so wassup
jleekun (6:03:27 PM): oh.
jleekun (6:03:28 PM): i can.
jleekun (6:03:29 PM): sorrie.
doobietang (6:03:33 PM): i been sick for two days
jleekun (6:03:36 PM): doh!
doobietang (6:03:36 PM): it okay
doobietang (6:03:49 PM): i got the flu on saturday
doobietang (6:04:00 PM): and got better on sunday
doobietang (6:04:14 PM): then got 102.4 fever on Monday
doobietang (6:04:28 PM): now recouperating
doobietang (6:04:45 PM): hopefully going to school tomorrow
jleekun (6:04:49 PM): doh!
jleekun (6:04:53 PM): poor doobie.
doobietang (6:05:28 PM): what have you been up to
jleekun wants to directly connect (6:05:40 PM).
doobietang is now directly connected (6:05:46 PM).
jleekun (6:06:27 PM):
jleekun (6:06:31 PM): i was dancing today!
jleekun (6:06:54 PM):
doobietang (6:06:56 PM): cool
jleekun (6:07:28 PM):
jleekun (6:07:59 PM): see.
jleekun (6:08:00 PM): thats me.
jleekun (6:08:02 PM): 
doobietang (6:08:17 PM): 
doobietang (6:08:23 PM): cool
doobietang (6:08:43 PM): what is on your ankle in the last pic?
jleekun (6:08:51 PM): a tatoo.
jleekun (6:09:05 PM): it says…
doobietang (6:09:05 PM): it looks like you have a …!
jleekun (6:09:11 PM): what?
doobietang (6:09:28 PM): does mom know you have a tatoo
doobietang (6:09:46 PM): what does it say
doobietang (6:10:30 PM): did i lose you
doobietang (6:10:53 PM): are you telling me it says “what?”
doobietang (6:11:06 PM): or are you asking me that
doobietang (6:11:15 PM): and are you still there?
jleekun (6:11:35 PM): …
jleekun (6:11:39 PM): yeah
jleekun (6:11:44 PM): i think mom knows.
jleekun (6:11:45 PM): but.
jleekun (6:11:46 PM): it says…
jleekun (6:11:47 PM): ‘lee’
jleekun (6:11:50 PM): my middle name.
jleekun (6:11:51 PM): 
jleekun (6:11:57 PM): its really small, so, not too bad.
doobietang (6:11:59 PM): kewl
jleekun (6:12:00 PM): but, i like it very much.
doobietang (6:12:07 PM): me too
jleekun (6:12:15 PM): it was a little painful tho…
jleekun (6:12:17 PM): if you ever get one.
jleekun (6:12:22 PM): go with a friend to hold your hand.
jleekun (6:12:22 PM): haha.
jleekun (6:12:23 PM): 
jleekun (6:12:26 PM): pete went with me.
doobietang (6:12:29 PM): heehee
doobietang (6:12:45 PM): i don’t think i’ll get one though at any rate
jleekun (6:13:04 PM): well, you may change your mind.
jleekun (6:13:06 PM): 
jleekun (6:13:07 PM): who knows.
doobietang (6:13:17 PM): 8-)
doobietang (6:13:44 PM): any other surprises like a tongue ring or something?d
doobietang (6:13:49 PM): 
doobietang (6:14:13 PM): haha
doobietang (6:14:36 PM): do you know what pete is up to?
jleekun (6:15:14 PM): haha.
jleekun (6:15:15 PM): eh.
jleekun (6:15:16 PM): im not sure.
jleekun (6:15:32 PM): He’s having a great time though, he’s recently really been advancing in his faith for the Lord and what not.
jleekun (6:15:39 PM): he’s really loving the Christian life, as do I.
jleekun (6:15:44 PM): its so much fun to be a christian.
jleekun (6:15:45 PM): 
doobietang (6:15:57 PM): 
doobietang (6:16:15 PM): well that’s good
jleekun (6:16:17 PM): life is so much better when you have the Lord in your life and you do everything for Him.
doobietang (6:16:46 PM): 
doobietang (6:17:03 PM): he says he is goin breakin in Atlanta
jleekun (6:18:23 PM): cool
doobietang (6:18:24 PM): well that is what his away message says.
doobietang (6:18:39 PM): yeah
doobietang (6:19:11 PM): well gotta get working on my make up homework so i love you John!
doobietang (6:19:57 PM): see you —hear you rather later!!!!!!!
doobietang (6:20:02 PM): 
doobietang (6:20:09 PM): 
jleekun (6:20:16 PM): later.
doobietang (6:20:18 PM): byby
jleekun (6:20:20 PM): have a great night doobie.
doobietang direct connection is closed (6:20:21 PM).
jleekun (6:20:23 PM): get better!
doobietang (6:20:29 PM): thanks
doobietang (6:20:32 PM): byby

She saw my tatoo…. oh well.

Time to do some… reading…?