Why I Never Save “Drafts” (for Eventual Public Posts)

It’s because a draft is an unfinished idea about something that I’m very insecure about.

Instead, I wait for that very special moment where “inspiration” strikes. No need for a draft when you’re aim is to publish before you step away from your writing device!

Because, at that point, I’ve made a commitment to overcome this insecurity by means of execution. But, until that point, clearly, I’m simply not ready.

So, I wait until it’s time for me to wrestle—saving a draft is meaningless for a fight that’ll never happen—better to wait for when the adrenaline spikes and you’re in the shit ready to lay a beatdown (or get your ass kicked).

I save myself a ton of mental space by not storing any drafts of any writing that I am to share publicly; if I can’t sit (or stand), put fingers to (digital) paper until they bleed, then, I’m doing it wrong.

[Note: Writing doesn’t solve the fundamental insecurity! It doesn’t actually “solve” anything. Rather, it illumines a greater understanding of the topic which, in turn, reduces my own anxiety about the subject matter.]