My Dream is to Deliver Pizzas

Honest, heartfelt, and may even get you emotional: Honest opinions on being a boy or girl from around the world (via National Geographic):

My oldest is just a year off from these girls and boys and so this hits home and it makes me wonder what my old child is thinking about… well… everything.

The desire to be known is something that never goes away. In fact, I think that desire, that yearning, only grows as we get older because we become more and more aware of all that we want to do and to be.

It also grows because we learn to acknowledge our own weakness and our uncompromisable dependency on others. We want to love and to be loved. A child knows this acutely.

But, pizza though. We’ve all answered this question 1,000 times:

What do you want to do when you grow up?

And as a child and while growing up we get it often. But, sadly, for most of us, that question stops being asked and we may silently begin to wonder… “Is this what I really wanted to do now that I’m grown up?

We may begin to examine our surroundings, our jobs, our vocations and find ourselves deeply, desperately, in want. The problem is that no one’s asking that question anymore of us and, ironically, we want to answer it more than ever before.