Permission to Dream

There are days where you want to be someone entirely different, or at least pretend to be that someone.

For me when I think about the jump into my own “Imagination Station” I think of some of my favorite Superheroes, like Iron Man, Wolverine, Spiderman, and Batman – I could probably spend a few hours sharing with you the reasons why but that would bore most of you and many of you would most likely unsubscribe so I’ll spare you that bit.

But I’ll admit that I still would very much like to be one of those if I could – and I’d definitely wouldn’t mind the Bruce’ or Stark’ wealth…!

I can dream, can’t I?

Yet it’s precisely that which many people are unable to do: Dream. They have disabled themselves (or allowed other to disable them) so that they can no longer dream big dreams for themselves, their organizations, their families, and more. They are married to the present reality and do not give their brains (or their hearts) the ability to believe in something different.

Is there any wonder why so many people are “stuck” in their current roles in their current jobs? They are talented and gifted individuals but who aren’t being leveraged completely or fully – there’s no joy in the work either. Whatever the circumstance their ability to dream has been beaten out of them.

I’ve coached many people who did not know how to dream and the result wasn’t as much about their organizations, their teams, or moving one step closer to their goals but rather giving them permission to dream again – giving them the opportunity to think a bit differently about their present reality and see something altogether better.

Good coaches, mentors, and leaders help their teams and those they lead dream – dream for themselves a bit, even if it’s a collective dream. They help curate, grow, and bolster these dreams, guard them closely, and with loving care guide the execution toward them.

Sadly, I know of very few leaders who can do this well. They either force their own dream’s upon their followers or deny their follower’s the opportunity to ever follow their own hearts.

I hope you’re not one of those leaders – and I promise never to be one myself.

Give yourself and others the permission to dream. You’ll find greater loyalty, greater productivity, and greater effectiveness to be the bottom-line results.

Thanks to The Dainty Squid for the images and (random) inspiration!

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