Dreamhost: Free Extra Domain Name for Life!

Dreamhost is one of the many web hosts that I have recommended that you check out when considering a hosting provider for your new blog.

They are simple to use and every single client that I’ve helped move to this system has liked it so far. And I use it as well for a few of my sites and blogs!

One of the nice things too is that it’s very simple to setup a new WordPress-powered blog as well, either via a 1-click installation process or even manually. In fact, everything that they’ve done with the back-admin is pretty slick and easy to use.

Can’t go wrong with that!

An Extra Domain Name for Life!

Dreamhost gives each new user one domain name for life, which is a pretty sweet deal, but now I’m pleased to announce that if you use “TentBlogger” as a promo key you’ll get an additional domain for life as well!

That’s 2 free domains for life that you can use to diversify your blogging efforts or even launch some strategic landing pages/sites for personal branding, marketing, or what not.

I hope you take advantage of this neat offer and that you’re wildly successful with it!