These Dreams Lie

It’s been 365 days since I’ve tasted alcohol… and my life has been infinitely better for it. Last year, on December 4th of 2016, I made the commitment to stop drinking booze and to begin my journey of being sober.

As I take a moment to look back on this decision I get a bit emotional… so much of this calendar year in 2017 has, I believe, been made available to me because of my sobriety.

Even the opportunity to welcome a new kiddo into the family would have been an absolute catastrophe if I was still medicating at night. The joy that I have and the clarity of mind, body, and spirit is difficult to understand or express.

I’m still an alcoholic and will remain one until I die. I’m fine and very comfortable with that. Alcohol doesn’t define who I am today but it does represent a person that I was and is a reminder that I can overcome even the most difficult of odds.

Why? Because I had zero plans, ever, to give up booze. I still think about it and I even dream about it, one year later. The dreams are exciting and remind me of all of the fun things but none of the bad.

These dreams lie… but, I see them for what they are now. I am no longer deceived. I see the light.