Dressed Up

Most of you have never seen me like this before and most of you will never see me like this in the flesh (if I can help it) – but there are times where it’s absolutely necessary that I don the slacks, the button down, and even rock a belt for goodness sake.

And it’s nice belt (or at least I think so…) – it’s Kenneth Cole (is that a nice company? I don’t know…).

Oh yeah, I can’t forget the shoes – the shoes! I’m a fan of Zoo York’s brand of shoes; highly functional, very comfortable. Today I’m rocking a pair of shoes that were ridiculously priced from Aldo – a pair left over from the days when I was an executive at a Fortune 50. Bleh.

But it is what it is. I’ll be spending most of the day today in a company that had over $40B dollars in revenue. Yes, that’s billion. They are a bit more button-up and pro-fess-ion-aalll than what I typically wear at home (or act).

The point is that at times we need to do what it takes to build the relational capital necessary to have a platform in someone else’s life – to have the authority and influence to speak into their lives so as to ultimately provide value to them.


And you know this already and you do it naturally – in fact, this is just a part life but it’s fascinated me how often we forget this the moment we step into the online world.

For example, it’s astounding how the cultural and social norms of serving others is forgotten the moment many bloggers first hit the “Publish” button. They believe it’s all about them and who they are and forget to “dress up” to serve their audience.

Remember, it’s not about dressing up to look better than you are or to fool someone into believing something that’s not true – it’s about walking in their shoes, moving toward them (instead of creating distance), and inserting yourself into their environment and meeting them where they are.

I dressed up today so that I can be more socially acceptable so that I could provide the most value to those that will hear my voice today. Do I like wearing this? Not really. Am I willing to set my pride on the sideline for a moment so I can connect with them better? Absolutely.

Just don’t forget to do this online, don’t forget to do this when you blog.

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