Giveaway: Dripps – A Dropbox-Powered File Sharing App

As some of you may have heard late last night I released a small OSX app called Dripps – it’s a super-simple file sharing system that allows you to quickly upload files to a certain directory (if it’s a shared directory for teams) and then given a direct URL link (via Google’s URL Shortener API) to the file for sharing publicly.

So you can share files publicly and privately. The premise was simple: I have been paying for some other applications that do very similar things (like CloudApp, Droplr, and many others) and also paying for a big account via Dropbox and in an effort to save a bit of money I thought I might as well have Dropbox handle the file management and sharing capability!

In addition, I wanted to learn more about XCODE and the Dropbox API and get my feet wet with those development environments. I’ve been known to tinker and experiment so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to build it on-off and on the side, especially since there was little pressure to ship it or even make any money.

It took quite a while actually – about 5 or 6 months. There’s a lot of reasons for the expanded timeline and I may end up sharing the soup-to-nuts process of building my first App Store app at some point. Right now I’m glad it was accepted (it was rejected three times…!) and I can go work on something else!

Check out the video for some more information and let me know what you think!


Naturally I have some free copies to give away – 10 to be exact. So, feel free to enter below:

  • Comment about your theory on the name “Dripps.”
  • Tweet about this blog post for +1 entry.

Big props go to CloudApp and Droplr for the mass inspiration – thanks for challenging me to try my hand at XCODE and inspiring me to ship something!

And thanks to @chrisfromcanada who first tweeted at me telling me he bought the darn thing… although Apple approved it April 2nd I didn’t have anytime to fix up the website or create the video or anything! But he told me that it was on the main page of Productivity and Utilities in the App Store – YIKES!

Had to get my butt in gear last night. Sheesh.


OH. And finally, thanks to @JoeyBergeron for the logo! You rock man! Such a community effort…!

Ok. Done now.

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