Dropbox Zero

I’ve shared a little while back that my family is going through a significant period where we are reducing the amount of “stuff” in our lives to an extreme.

Well, not extreme-extreme, but extreme enough for us as a family unit. Big movements like selling / donating most of our library, changing our digital lives and dependency on devices as well as taking a hard look at our financial structure is all part of the plan.

For my own part I’m removing a bunch of subscription services that I do not have to have, even applications that I really really really like, such as Dropbox.

I shared previously that Dropbox was part of my new home backup solution and it still very much is but the need for 500GB worth isn’t, especially at a cost of $500 per year. So I went back to the free version.


It was painful and it took me a literal week to download all the data, but I managed. It took just as much time to store it in redundant local storage (that I already had) as well as walk through all of the data and isolate key files and folders that needed absolute cloud-based protection and backup.

But I can check off that $500 per year as saved. When I ask my wife and children to start saving where they can I have to do the same. I have also ended a number of other major technological subscriptions as well – it’s neat to see how little you really need to not only operate and function but also to enjoy life.

I still love you Dropbox and I always will, but I don’t need 500GB of you, that’s all. It’s me, not you.

I challenge you to peek into your finances and review the things that you’re paying for that you may not really need. Save some money why don’t you?