Dropping Out (of Praxis)

In March of this year I shared that I had applied to a non-profit accelerator for my startup and that we had gotten in, miraculously it seemed. Well, 87 days later, I decided to pull my team out.

At least it was on a high-note… could have been higher.

It’s been a few months since then and I thought that I had a lot more to say on the matter, but, I don’t think I do. Time allows us to process, to heal, and sometimes it helps us to forget, but not always.

A recent conversation with one of my cohort batchmates (and the only one who attempted to build a meaningful relationship) helped me finally put a few things into perspective which, in turn, helped me process and publish some public thoughts (and close this short chapter).

You see, I went into the program with as much awareness that I could possibly want, a very eyes-wide-open type of thing. I asked hard, penetrating questions because I had known of the program for years; I had professional relationships with some of the board and even had a few tighter relationships with previous participants. I felt good about the investment of time and money.

But I found myself disappointed by not only the caliber of the teams accepted into the program but also the on-going support and infrastructure by the larger staff and team outside of the in-person, physical gatherings — they just aren’t set up for success and still have a lot to iron out in their overall programming.

Praxis, from what I now understand, is a phenomenal events company in that they create engaging and powerful in-person gatherings — I would know because I experienced the kickoff and it was, by and large, pretty darn amazing.

In the nicest (and simplest) way possible, all I can really say is that I was not able to find my tribe with the folks at Praxis, but, that doesn’t mean others didn’t — that’s about it.

I know that my explanation and this post leaves a lot to be desired but that’s all I feel comfortable sharing publicly. If you happen to come across the post and want more insight and explanation, feel free to ping me directly and we can chat as I believe that Praxis can be a worthwhile investment for the right team at the right time.

And that’s always been the case for any accelerator, Praxis or otherwise.