Peter Drucker: Ideas vs Company

peter-druckerPeter Drucker, most famous for his work in business management, once posed the question of whether or not one wanted to build ideas or a company and if one wanted to manage ideas or manage a business.

If it was the former then he has suggested that you not build a big organization because you will end up managing that organization instead of the idea(s) that made you successful.

Definitely some stuff to chew on for more than one sitting…

I’ve been challenged by Drucker and many others to reconsider what it means to grow and scale as a company in terms of personnel and size. I’ve reversed my thinking many times over and still haven’t landed precisely where I sit yet but I know that culture to me is one of the most important aspects of what I consider success to be.

That is, making sure that the culture first is amazing, that it’s consistent, and is fireproof against rapid growth when it comes down to it.

Cultivating that culture, maintaining the integrity of that culture, and deepening it is one of the reasons why I do what I do. Whether this is part of building or maintaining an organization or idea is still up for grabs though.

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